Almost 200 people missing and 75 killed after Guatemala volcano exploded


Image for representation Image for representation -  Guatemala officials said that at least 197 people are missing and 75 people dead as the result of the explosion of Fuego volcano. More than 1.7 million people were affected by the eruption.

First eruption happened on Sunday. It sent ash about 10 kilometer up into the sky. Villages that were located at the slope of the mountain were buried with ash and mud.

More than 3000 people evacuated the area. However, the rescue process on Tuesday was halted when the volcano erupted once more, sending hit gas and molten rock streaming down the south side of the mountain.

The new eruption that happened on Tuesday shocked the people, especially volcanologists who had predicted that the eruption was over on Sunday. 

Eddy Sanchez, head of Guatemala National Institute of Seismology had predicted that there is no imminent explosion in the next few days.

One of the victims, a villager named Boris Rodriguez, suffered a huge loss due to Sunday’s explosion. 

He lost his wife, both of his parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their children. Not only Rodriguez, some other villager of El Rodeo have similar story of grief. Their village is almost entirely wiped off the map.




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