Couple were filmed having sex on a gravestone and the video went viral


Image for representation Image for representation -  As an adult couple, it's very important for us to have good behavior.

But, a couple in the UK, were filmed having sex on a gravestone  for 45 minutes. At that time,  Scott Elwood walking with his dog past Holy Trinity Parish Church in Shaw, Greater Manchester, last Wednesday, June 6 2018.

And he caught them at it in broad daylight having sex and he record they action and the video went viral.

Before, he thought they might to stop when they saw him, but they carried on regardless. 

So, Scott took his phone to film them, and phone the police. 

The footage shows the man furiously thrusting away as the woman lies on her back with her legs in the air.

But after phoning the police and sharing the video on social media, the man, believed to be in his late 30s tried to get in touch with Scott and start bragging about his antics. 

Scott, a manual labourer, said it could have been much worse if children were out playing at the time. 

Photo : Scott and his dog

"A lot of children play on the church grounds playing hide and seek, manhunt and so on. It’s very disrespectful to do it on someone’s grave. It’s awful. "




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