Is it possible to exchange a damaged money?


Is it possible to exchange a damaged money? Is it possible to exchange a damaged money? -At all times, banknotes, though made of paper, were very much appreciated. Therefore, the loss or damage to the banknote causes its owner to be in an extraordinary shock. After all, this money can not always be paid at the checkout. But if it happened, what to do with a damaged money? Is it possible to replace it with a new one?

As it turned out, this is possible. It is best to make an exchange at the bank that serves you. However, sometimes employees of the bank believe that the institution is not obliged to do this. Everything depends on the level of courtesy and respect of the bank to its customers.
If the client has only half of the banknote left, then it is the best to contact with the Federal Bank of the country and take evidence with that the other part of the money is actually destroyed. The bank also must provide its customers with a free service to replace coins (cents). Worn and slightly damaged money, in any case, if the area of damage is less than 50% of the priority area, are subject to exchange at any bank branch for free and at any time.
The basic rules are:
National banks are obliged to accept worn out and damaged money from individuals and legal entities for exchange or payment.
For this, the banknote must meet the following requirements:
- not to have signs of forgery;
- the area of the part of the banknote must be at least 55% of its original size;
- in the event of a banknote breaking into two parts, both parts must contain the same number and series, and the total area of such parts must be at least 55% of the size of the whole banknote.
If the bill is damaged intentionally, about the replacement is out of the question.
In the event that part of the money burned during a fire - a replacement is possible. To do this, experts examine the ashes of burnt banknotes and set their value.


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