Free from acne in your face with five drinks


Free from acne in your face with five drinks Free from acne in your face with five drinks - Acne seems to have become 'enemy' of women until whenever. This is one of  skin problem is very disturbing of appearance. As the development of the era, there is a lot of treatment that helps to eradicate of acne, ranging from beauty products to various treatments.


Well, the fact is there are some drinks that can help you clean of stubborn acne.


Some of these drinks can also make your skin brighter.


What is that ? Let's see.


1. Green tea

In addition to the many benefits contained in this tea, green tea contains anti-oxidants that fight the formation of pre-acne.
If you, drink a cup of green tea, can also reduce inflammation from the inside and outside.


2. Turmeric tea

Although it sounds weird, turmeric tea is known for anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant and antifungal properties. In addition, turmeric tea can also be used as a mask because very powerful to combat of acne.


3. Fermented milk or kefir

If you drink of kefir or fermented milk, can help to clear of acne and reduce acne inflammation. This is because lactoferrin substances can counteract bad bacteria.


4. Mint tea

In addition to delicious to drink, mint tea can reduce inflammation of acne to 25% in 1 month, in addition your skin will be brighter and smoother by drinking mint tea.


5. Warm water

If you drink of warm water every day, it helps the process of skin detoxification and facilitate digestion.

Try not to drink cold water because it will harden of food consumed, and make fat deposits in the intestine.


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