The abuse story at a care home in the UK, an old woman was dragged from her bed and not get meals for hours


Joy Lewis Joy Lewis -  As children, we have a duty to care for our parent when they are old. But, many children decided to took their parents in nursing home, for many reason, may for work or another.

But the case of an old woman in the UK, can be your consideration as a child who is "too busy" to take care of your parents.

Joy Lewis, 71, who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, was dragged by her nurse on her wrists from her bed and them refused give her meals.

And when she asked to go to the toilet, her care workers left her to sitting in urine at Brookside House Care Home in Nottinghamshire.

Her abuse was discovered when Joy’s daughters set up a secret camera in her room to capture evidence of the cruel treatment. 

Three carers that involved named Rebecca King, 32, Teresa Cutts, 50 and Joanne Hardstaff, 39  admitted charges of ill-treatment or neglect to Joy. 

They all received suspended sentences and community orders at Mansfield Magistrates Court. 

Eldest daughter Teresa Bestwisk, 47, told "We feel angry their sentences were suspended."

Before, Kelly Lewis, 34, Joy’s youngest daughter, confronted the carers at the home after her mother told her the staff didn’t like her and isolated her from other residents. But, they assured Kelly her mother was happy and just confused. 

But during later visits to the  nursing home, she noticed her mother’s condition had worsened and that she have many bruised.

Then, Kelly set up a camera in her mother’s room for two days. When she watched it back, she saw her mother being woken up in the early hours of the morning, pulled out of bed and dressed without being washed. Her pleas to use the toilet were ignored and she was left for hours at a time without food and drink.

And the court decided to gave Rebecca King received a 36-week suspended prison sentence and was ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work. And Cutts received a 24-week suspended prison sentence and was ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work. Hardstaff received an eight-week suspended prison sentence and ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work. 

And Brookside House has since been closed.




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