These are the natural ingredients for removing rust


Illustration Illustration - Usually, when you want to paint your car another color, you have to clean all the rusty spots first. Getting rid all the rust is not easy and chemicals used for it is not cheap. However, there are actually 4 natural ingredients that you can use to clean the rust from your car.

1.       Vinegar

Vinegar is a good ingredient that you can use to get rid of rust. How much vinegar you have to use depends on how big is your car. Dip a cloth into vinegar then rub it onto the rust. The more vinegar you use, the more rust will be gone. After that, rub the spot with clean cloth. Do it to every spot that has rust on it.

2.       Baking soda

Other than making the smell in you refrigerator disappear, baking soda can also be sued to make the rust on your car disappear. You have to mix baking soda with water and then apply it to the rusty spot.

3.       Soda

Soda is known to be able to clean rust from metal. Soda contains high citric acid which can get rid of rust. Dip cloth into soda and start applying it to the rusty spot.

4.       Fresh lemon

The reason why lemon can clean rust is the same as soda. Because lemon contains acid. All kinds of orange contain citric acid. However, lemon has the highest citric acid content. What you have to do is cut the lemon into two and rub them on the rusty spots. It can clean rust, but it needs time and you will need more lemon the bigger your car is.


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