In the United States, the criminal took four children hostage and killed them


Policeman gives a report about that tragedy Policeman gives a report about that tragedy - In the city Orlando (Florida, USA), the man took four children hostage, after a day they were found dead. This is reported by «Orlando Sentinel».

Victims of the killer were children aged 1, 6, 10 and 11 years. The criminal shot himself after that in the toilet. Presumably, two of the dead were the arrows' own children.

The tragedy occurred on the night of June 11. According to the report of domestic violence  the police arrived to the house of 35-year-old Gary Wayne Lindsay. After a girlfriend of the man called the police and declared domestic violence, he locked himself inside the building and took the children of 11, 10, 6 years and one year in hostage and opened fire on law enforcement officers.

The criminal wounded one policeman and committed suicide. The children were found dead.

According to the publication «Orlando Sentinel», Lindsay was suspected of arson, beatings and trying to hide. According to the police, in 2008 he threatened his partner with a knife and tried to set fire to the house, and in 2012 beat another woman. He was also detained twice for theft.


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