Horrible nightmare would happen to earth if the cockroach population goes extinct


Cockroach Cockroach - People who encounter a cockroach generally will be disgusted and have a urge to get rid of it. That is the general reaction because cockroaches look disgusting. Their smell is unpleasant and they litter the house.

Not only that, according to the researchers of University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, cockroaches also leave behind bacteria like salmonella and shigella. Cockroaches can also worsen allergies and asthma.

Reading all this, you may think that there is no benefit we get from cockroaches and that the world will be better off without them. What will the world without cockroaches be?

Cited from Howstuffworks, it turns out a world without cockroaches will give negative effects to us. In tropical forest, cockroaches eat decaying wood and leaves. Their feces contain natural material like nitrogen, which will be absorbed by the soil. Nitrogen is very important for the growth of trees and thus, to the forest and human lives.

Furthermore, this insect has a role in food chain. Mammals and reptiles eat cockroaches while they are eaten by other animals. If cockroaches disappear, then it will disturb the food chain.

However, we also cannot let cockroaches roam free because this animal can reproduce really fast. This animal is not in danger of being extinct anytime soon. The insect had existed even before dinosaurs had. The fossil of a cockroach found indicated that this animal has existed for around 300 million years.


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