Ahmad Yani airport, the first floating airport in Indonesia


Ahmad Yani airport Ahmad Yani airport - Ahmad Yani Airport is considered Indonesia’s first floating airport. The airport is built on top of a swamp, with eco-airport concept, and parts of the building are on the water.

The airport was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on Thursday, June 7th. The terminal reaches 58,652 meters square in size. It can contain 19 thousands passengers each day.

The airport has 3 units of Jet Bridge and 30 units of counter check-in. The terminal apron is 72,522 meters square. It can contain 12 light airplanes. The parking lot is 43,633 meters square.

There are 8 escalators, 1 travelator and 2 elevators in parking area and 6 elevators inside the terminal. There are toilets provided in 11 different spots.


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