Another stone throwing accident happened, now the victim is a general in Indonesian army


Condition of he car Condition of he car - Another incident of stone-throwing in toll road happened again. This time, it happened to a general of Indonesian National Army (TNI).

It happened to Brigadier General Saiful from Indonesian National Army. The stone was thrown around KM 14 or from the bridge at the exit of Cibubur toll road, Harjamukti Sub-District, Cimanggis District, Depok, on Monday, June 11th 2018.

The stone-throwing happened at 03.00 local time. The stone did not hit the general but it did damage to the windshield of the black Toyota Fortuner with police plate number B 203 RFD that he rode on.

The stone was as big as an adult’s fist. The witness was sure that it was thrown from on top of the bridge. The case had been reported to Cimanggus Police.

After investigating, the police found the suspects they thought were responsible for it. The irony is that, the suspects are still underage.

There are two suspects, with initial TZ (16 years old) and HN (14 years old) respectively. The two of them lived in Cilangkap and Cipayung, East Jakarta.

The two adolescents were caught in the act on June 12th, when they threw stones at a Ford with police plate number F 1046 HW at Jagorawi toll road. It happened in Km 11 around 03.00. The two were arrested by Ciracas police.


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