Mysterious beast attacked the dog and left the owner terrified which captured in a video


the mysterious beast the mysterious beast - A video spread in media shows a moment where a dog is attacked by an unknown animal.

In the video, the dog is barking at something in the woods. But as the dog came closer, the mysterious animal leaps and lunges at the dog.

If you watch the video, you will hear the dog’s owner crying out “Hey, hey, hey” as he began to panic. The beast then grabs the dog and a loud scream was heard before the video ends.

The video is actually from 2015. But it became popular again after being posted on Youtube. Since it was uploaded, the video got more than 3400 hits.

Channel Nv Tv posted the clip of the video. They were convinced that the unknown beast was a “dogman,” a mythical creature that is a mix between a canine and a human being, similar to werewolf.

There are many speculations about the mysterious animal. Some people truly believed that it was dogman. Others claimed that it was just a huge wolf.


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