China makes a special path for the person who always looks at their phone in the side of the road


Illustration Illustration - A city in northern China is reportedly providing a special lane on one of the main streets for the 'mobile zombies'. This path is for the 'phubber' pedestrians who stepped slowly because they have to see their phone, regardless of their surroundings.

According to Shaanxi Online News, a special sidewalk located along Yanta Road in the city of Xi'an is painted red, green and blue, have 80 centimeters wide and 100 meters length. Along those lines there are pictures of the phone to distinguish it from the usual pedestrian path.

Shaanxi Online mentions that, a large shopping center in front of the road, since a month earlier urged the making of that path. It is said that many vehicles that often entered the pavement area, which crowded with pedestrians who may not pay attention to their surrounding environment.

The News website interviews local residents who welcomed the introduction of that path. A resident named Wei Xiaowei said it was the first time he seen such a thing and he thought it was "pretty good”. Everyone who walks here thinks this path is very safe: on the other side of the road there are cars and other vehicles."

Hu Shuya, another resident, said: "Young people's life is moving fast, and they always look at their phones. This path makes us feel safe - those who often see mobile phones think this path as a form of protection.


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