Three beauty pageant that accused of running sex scandals and harassing its contestants


Ilay Dyagilev Ilay Dyagilev -  A beauty pageant is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, although most contests have evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria.  So, it's very important for the finalist to have brain, beauty and behavior.

Apart from the glitz and glamour, controversies and scandals are also a part of the pageant world. 

And this is a few pageants that were accused of running sex scandals and harassing its contestants.

1. Miss Kazakhstan

At that time, a 22-year-old model reached the final of Miss Virtual Kazakhstan. The woman that latter is known as a man named Arina Aliyeva (his real name Ilay Dyagilev) reached the final of the online competition after his photo received over 2,000 public votes.

And Aliyeva was crowned 'Miss Virtual Shymkent' - capital of the South Kazakhstan Region.

But his he title as Miss Virtual Shymkent was short-lived after organisers disqualified Aliyeva for providing unreliable information about herself.

The regional title and place in the national final has been passed to Aikerim Temirkhanova, who received 1,975 votes.


2. Miss Venezuela 

Miss Venezuela pageant fell into trouble when the contestants accused each other of taking money from businessman and government officials in exchange for sexual favours. 

The beauty pageant was immediately suspended and the auditions were cancel in order to investigate if anyone linked to the show had been involved in activities that violate the values and ethics of the event.


3. Miss Zim Gold Mashonaland Central

One contestants of the Miss Zim Gold Mashonaland Central, accused that the pageant’s chairman makes sexual harassment to many models.

The models claimed that he continuously pestered them for sex, to get the Miss Zim Gold title. 

As per reports the chairman would ask the contestants for their nude pictures.

“The pageant organisers are just wolves who pretend to be promoting modelling, yet the truth is that they are duping aspiring models.” said one of the participants.





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