Tragic, a woman in Thailand stabs her eye with eyeliner because doing make-up in the taxi


0 0 -  Because don't have enough time for used make up at home, many woman decided to used make up on their commute may in car or in bus.

But this was a cautionary tale for anyone who does their make-up on their commute. 

An unnamed woman doing her make-up in a car and she has been rushed to hospital after she stabbed herself in the eye with an eyeliner stick when her taxi was involved in a minor collision in Thailand. 

At that time, she was on her way to see friends when the taxi she was in bumped into another vehicle in a traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand.

The woman, who was in her 20s, hit the seat in front when the taxi knocked the white pick-up truck in front of them. And unfortunate, at that time, the woman doing her make-up in a taxi.

The crash happened at 5.20pm in Din Daeng area of Bangkok.

A paramedic from  the Rajavithi Hospital, Thanabodee Sabbodi said, "We received a call and there was one injured female with an eyebrow pencil inserted into her left eye. The lady was putting on make-up on her way outside for the evening."

But incredibly for the woman, the stick didn’t penetrate her eyeball and her sight will not be affected by the accident.

The crash was minor but a freak accident because it had caused half of the pencil to plunge into the eye socket of the young woman.

She was in a lot of pain when the paramedic came,  but she could still talk and explain what happened. There was not a lot of blood but she had a small nose bleed.

The girl was still conscious when the paramedics removed the pencil from her eyes.





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