Eight men who raped many girls in a car have been jailed for 90 years


The perpetrators The perpetrators -  After abused many girls in a vehicle in Oxford where they invite young girls aged about 13 until 15 years old to parties, where they give them alcohol and drugs, eight men have been jailed for 90 years. 

The gang was consisting of :

1. Kamran Khan, 36, was a jailed for eight years for one count of false imprisonment and not guilty of one count of rape.

2. Raheem Ahmed, 40, was jailed for 12 years after being found guilty of two counts of indecent assault and one count of false imprisonment. 

3. Assad Hussain, 37, was sentenced to life with a minimum period of 12 years to be served in prison for multiple counts of rape and indecent assault.

4. Khalid Hussain, 38, was jailed for 12 years for indecent assault and rape. 

5. Kameer Iqbal, 29, was jailed for 12 years for three counts of rape. 

6. Haji Khan, 38, was jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of conspiracy to rape. 

7. Alladitta Yousaf, 48, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years for one count of indecent assault. 

8. Moinul Islam, 41, of Wykeham Crescent, was sentenced to a total of 15 years’ and nine months’ imprisonment for indecent assault, supplying drugs, and rape.

A judge described their actions as predatory and cynical. Victims told the trial that they would be picked up in a black Nissan Serena, where they were raped. 

One of them told the court, "They would pick the girls, have sex with them, and dump them. Everything happened in that Serena."







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