The way to calculate the amount of animal that born every day


Image for illustration Image for illustration -  So, can we estimate how many of animals was born every day in the world? 

It was the question from a BBC program listener,  an event that aims to understand the meaning of various numbers related to life in the world include animals and plants.

And, to give you a rough idea of the scale of this question and answer it, let's start with the famous fertile creature such as rabbits, which became famous animal through cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Peter, and Jessica.

An environmental activist Wildlife Britain estimates the population of wild rabbits breeding in the UK is about 40 million heads.

And in England, a rabbit can usually give birth up to seven times and if they was ready to give birth for five children of rabbits, then is equal to 1,917,808 rabbits that born every day.

And by forecasting the possibility based on data thar collected by the UN Food Agency (FAO), we can estimated, more than 62 million chickens are born in the world every day. The birth of chickens is a lot of but nothing compared to bees.

During the warm weather months each year, the queen honey bee will put 1,500 eggs every day. 

In January 2018, the calculation of the environmental agency National Bee Unit, there were 247,461 beehives in the UK.

In January 2018, it was estimated there are 247,461 beehives in the UK. So in the summer season,  will tbe born 371,191,500 bees a day.

But, Monika Bohm from the Institute of Zoology in Londo, asserted that it is impossible to calculate all the children of all animal species in the world, because we do not have enough knowledge related to the habit of animal in the world.





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