Attacked by oak moth epidemic, all of schools and parks closed n Germany


Image for illustration Image for illustration -  Some schools and parks in some parts of Germany, were forced to shut down due to an epidemic of the moth and the caterpillar of the oak feather. 

The reason because the moth and caterpillar can cause rashes and respiratory problems especially for children under 10  years old.

Not only parks, but a few kindergartens, lakes and public pools also have been closed in the last few weeks, because the officials of Germany try to control the epidemic of oak moths which have toxic on oak trees.

About 70 percent of 250 oak trees in the town of Kln, Germany are being attacked by larvae from moth tree oaks.

According to the Rheinische Post newspaper, other cities in the German state such as North Rhine-Westphalia and western Bavaria have deployed officers, to fence the trees and close all the part of the park and school grounds to protect the residents of these crawler animals.

"The conditions was very bad," says Wolfgang Auler from the Velbert-based pest control company.

In the larval phase, the oak moth has long hair which contains of thaumetopoein or called setae, a protein that triggers skin irritation and can cause rashes, swelling and breathing problems. 

Setae is very dangerous for people who have allergic or asthma problems, even in some severe cases, that can cause death.

Peter Schtz, spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment at Nordrhein Westfalen said, "The risk is more higher for the elderly, children and people with allergies to moth."

Before, Britain also suffered a similar outbreak on last April, and prompting the UK Forest Commission to issue a danger warning related the moth and the caterpillar of the oak feather. 





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