Iran government says North Korea must be careful with Donald Trump


Donald Trump Donald Trump -  The Iranian government has warned North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un not to trust the US President, Donald Trump. 

Iran says Trump could to  cancel the North Korea's denuclearization deal within hours.

"We do not know what kind of person that have negotiate with the North Korean leader. It is not clear that he can cancel the deal before returning home (to the US)," told Iranian government spokesman,  Mohammad Bagher Nobakht as quoted by IRNA news agency on June 13 2018.

As information, last month, Trump was  withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran that signed by President Barack Obama. Trump called the deal have a lot of weakness, so he decided to cancel it. 

And Trump also re-imposed unilateral sanctions on Iraq.

"We are facing a man who can revoked his signature when abroad," said Nobakht Fars.

After being delayed for a while, Trump and Kim Jong-Un signed a joint statement at  a historic meeting in Singapore few days ago.

In the joint statement, Trump has committed to providing security guarantees  for North Korea, while Kim Jong-Un will reinforces a strong commitment to resolve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Both also agreed to establishing a new relationship between US and North Korea and they agreed to make a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

During a press conference, Trump said that he and Kim also preparing a new history and try to wrote a new chapter between the two countries.

"Kim Jong Un and me, asserted to make a  full commitment to denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula," Trump said.





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