Apple officially banned the cryptocurrency mining on its devices


Image for illustration Image for illustration -  Finally, Apple banned the activities of cryptocurrency mining on its devices which include in the Review Guidelines in the App Store, that  extend to all Apple platforms.

Before, in March 2018, Apple removed the Calendar 2 app from the Mac App Store after they caught the cryptocurrency used as a 'payment' for its premium features. 

It was one of step that takes by Apple to stop the cryptomining activities in its devices.

And Developer Calendar 2 claims that Apple also removing their apps for violating the application procedures in App Store, because it suck up battery power quickly, generate excessive heat, and take unnecessary device resources.

According to The Verge on Wednesday, June 13 2018, these are six step that takes by Apple to stop the cryptomining activities  :

1.    Apple has a new section specifically about cryptocurrency in its application procedure, which applies to iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS apps.

2.    Apple also allows the application of virtual currency wallets as long as they are made by the official developers of the organization.

3.    The only cryptomining application that allowed is an application that mines outside the device, such as cloud-based mining.

4.    The applications can help the users to make payments, exchange or receive cryptocurrency in an exchange that approved, but the application must come from the exchange.

5.    The applications involved in initial coin offerings, bitcoin trade, or other cryptocurrency trades shall originate from banks, companies or other licensed financial institutions. And they must also be legal entities.

6.    The cryptocurrency applications not provide virtual coin prizes, under the pretext of doing such as task to downloading other apps, inviting other users to download the app, or engaging in social media activities.




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