Suddenly, Demi Lovato cancels her tour concert, this is the reason


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato -  Demi Lovato suddenly canceled her concert at The O2 Arena, London, England, that will held in this weekend. Demi Lovato canceled her concert a few hours before it will started.

Through her social media, the singer of 'Let It Go' explains the reason and what really happened to her. 

She says that her health problems make her will be impossible to perform optimally during the concert.

And Lovato also reveals that herself has experiencing the inflammation of her  vocal cords. And upon the doctor's directions, she decided to canceled her concert for her health.

"I write this announcement with tears because I'm very frustration and sadness to postpone my concert in London at The O2,  because I felt in not good condition, it is very sick. With inflamed of my vocal cords, the ENT doctors says that I must cancel my concert," Lovato wrote on Twitter.

Demi Lovato revealed that she must made a difficult choice. 

"I am so sorry for disappointing all of my fans in London,  who have been traveling for hours, both by plane and by car, and to all fans who get tickets for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions, because I was made you very sad," she added.

For instead, Demi Lovato will reschedule the concert at the same location, and she chose June 25 2018 as the date of her concert replacement.






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