NASA will make interplanetary aircraft to enter to the sun atmosphere


Illustration Illustration - Next August, NASA will launch interplanetary planes that will fly very close to the sun. For that purpose, certainly needed a special material to protect the aircraft from the heat of the sun.

The plane named Parker Solar Probe will fly with a distance of 6.4 million km from the sun, closest than the previous planes. For comparison, the Earth's distance from the sun ranges from 146 million km to 152 million km.

Therefore a special coating is required to protect the Parker Solar Probe from the heat of the sun, especially since the plane will also intersect with the sun's corona, aka the outside of its atmosphere.

The heat shield used in the aircraft is made of two layers of composite carbon lining the thick foam inside. Although the task is heavy, this protector weight is fairly light, only 160 pounds.

This light weight is mandatory, because the plane must be able to reach speeds of 430 thousand miles per hour, so the weight must be maintained. The second condition of the protector is clearly can protect the super high heat of the sun.

If functioning normally, the outer part of this protector will reach a temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, while Parker Solar Probe temperature is maintained at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


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