Nissan admitted its fraud by changing the data of its exhaust emission and fuel economy


Nissan Nissan - Nissan on Monday, July 9th 2018 acknowledged that exhaust emissions data and fuel economy have been deliberately 'altered'. The recognition was a new pressure on the Japanese auto giant's efforts to restore confidence after a scandal that occurred last year.

The company did not say how many cars were affected by the forgery. The cheating was discovered during voluntary tests of all parts of Nissan's operations carried out after last year's scandal.

The company says that the exhaust emissions test and fuel economy have "deviated from the specified test rules". In addition, the company said the inspection report had been prepared "based on the measured values ??of measurement".

Nissan's share price fell down 4.56% to JPY 1,003.5 after it said it would make a statement about exhaust measurements following the fraud report. The company made a statement after the market closed.

The company promised to hold a "full and comprehensive investigation" of this latest fake data scandal. Nissan said it has re-examined "reliable" data and insists that all vehicles, except GT-R, meet Japanese safety standards.

The company does not offer any additional information about the GT-R, which the company described on its website as a high-performance sports car.

"Nissan has also re-verified the log data to confirm that all models required by the sample test meet Nissan's catalog specifications for fuel economy, which means no error in fuel economy figures disclosed by Nissan," the statement added.


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