Former driver of Trump sued Donald Trump for unpaid overtime pay for over 10 years


Donald Trump Donald Trump - Former private driver of President of the United States, Donald Trump sued the Trump Organization for their unpaid overtime pay. The man claims that he has been exploited and earned a small salary increase for more than ten years.

Quoted from AFP and Bloomberg, Tuesday, July 10th 2018, this lawsuit adds a number of lawsuits addressed to Trump. The plaintiff named Noel Cintron (59) lives in Queens, New York. He had been a driver for President Trump, his family and business for over 25 years.

His job was subsequently replaced by Secret Service when Trump won Republican nomination as president in 2016. Cintron then joined the security staff.

The New York Lawsuit seeks to recover more than 3,000 hours of overtime, damages and attorneys' fees for Cintron's ‘losses' while working for Trump.

"In a truly insensitive view of no guarantee of privilege and rights and without the slightest obligation of Donald Trump, through the defendant's entity, exploit and refuse to give any significant raise to his private driver who had been served for a long time".

While Trump 'is said to be a billionaire, he does not give his driver a raise for more than 12 years! "The accusation in the lawsuit said.


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