Youtube spent USD 25 million to prevent the spreading of fake video on its platform


Youtube Youtube - The dissemination of hoax information on social media has encouraged YouTube to take active steps on its video sharing platform.

The Alphabet subsidiary announced it will display short-cut texts from trusted sources on breaking news results such as natural disasters, worship events, and other critical matters. This is none other than to counteract the rapid distribution of fake news after a number of major events.

In such emergency situations, the video content is unreliable because verified news sources take time to produce quality news video content.

To end that, on Monday, July 9th 2018 YouTube ensures will introduce short text news feature for users to get accurate and reliable information. This step is to suppress the spread of hoax video.

In addition to the efforts of internal parties, 10 thousand Google users can also determine who can be categorized as a reliable source. "We made the change by placing more accurate content on the front page for users" said Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer.

YouTube claims to combat the circulation of hoax videos they have invested USD 25 million (approximately IDR 258, 7 billion) for years to come. The budget is planned to be used to help media around the world produce good video content, including providing training to media employees and facilitating adequate video production.

Currently YouTube is called doing an experiment to ward off conspiracy video by holding a number of reliable sources such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica. Google will also insert additional information from third parties when users search on controversial topics.


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