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Turkey will open 15 underground cities for tourist attraction this year


One of the underground cities in Turkey One of the underground cities in Turkey - Turkey holds many historical relics. Not just on the ground, but there is also in the underground. Quoting from Lonely Planet, in K?r?ehir Province there are at least 15 underground cities full of history in Turkey.

Not shaped residential with buildings, dozens of areas that form long tunnels which all are interconnected. The tunnel was built by Christians to save themselves during the persecution action carried out by the Roman Empire.

Inside the tunnels there are door-to-door rooms with a variety of functions, ranging from guard rooms, food storage rooms to air ducts. Currently only three cities are open to the public, namely Mucur, Kepez and Dulkadirli.Mucur is the largest area with a total of 16 rooms in it.

Meanwhile, Dulkadirli is an area used as a center for the spread of Christianity at that time.

This year the Turkish government plans to open dozens of other areas of the city, so tourists can be attracted to come to K?r?ehir Province. Not only in K?r?ehir, many other areas in Turkey also have this kind of city.

Derinkuyu is a city with the largest area and opened to tourists starting in 1969. The area is even able to accommodate as many as 20 thousand people.

Together with Tunisia and Egypt, Turkey's tourism sector is currently opening a new page after a long period of bloody conflict. Tourists who come with families become their biggest market, because of the many pampering facilities and tourist services here.

Turkey Tourism Ministry estimates that as many as 38 million foreign tourists will come to this country this year. Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt are both offering historic tourist destinations to lure tourists to come.


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