Research found that the stress level of Indonesia people is lower than Singapore or Thailand


Illustration Illustration - Although haunted by congestion and stifling air every day it turns out that the level of stress of Indonesian people is relatively low when compared to residents in other countries. A study initiated by insurance company Cigna found that 'only' as many as 75 percent of Indonesian participants said they felt stressed.

That number is lower than participants from other countries, such as Singapore and Thailand, having an above-average stress rate of about 91 percent.

"Finances and jobs are a major contributor to stress. Our survey revealed several reasons for stress-such as poor relationships with employers in the job and inability to attend to the needs, health and well-being of parents" said Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Cigna Indonesia, Ben Furneaux, as quoted from the official statement on Monday, July 9th 2018.

The survey involved 14,165 participants from 23 countries with an online interview method from February to March 2018. About a thousand of them are from Indonesia. Low stress levels are apparently supported by a variety of participants' ways to deal with stress.

Studies say most participants control stress by devoting complaints to friends or family. Although the level of stress Indonesia is low, but the community welfare score is also low.

Last year from in a similar survey, Indonesia had a score of 62.8. While this year it decreased slightly to 61.0. The score is same with European countries such as France and Spain.

This welfare score is measured by five main aspects of welfare ie, physical, family, social, financial and work. The study found that social indicators experienced the most significant decrease of 8.4 points. The decrease caused, among others, lack of recreation time and spend time with friends.


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