New academic year, Lots of students are disqualified due to using SKTM to registering


Illustration Illustration - Many students applied to schools using STKM (Indonesian Poor Mark Certificate). However, not all of them can be categorized as “poor” or “incapable.”

As many as 32 candidates who applied with SKTM to Mojogedang High School, Karanganyar were disqualified. They were deemed not “poor” or “incapable” so they had no right for using STKM.

The principle of Mojogedang High School, Purwadi said that they disqualified the children after seeing the result of the survey done by working together with district and regional authorities.

“This is in accordance with the instruction from the Governor. All the people applying with SKTM have to be examined clearly,” said the headmaster, Purwadi, Wednesday, Juli 11th 2018.

Purwadi said, after seeing the result of the survey, they deemed 32 children not worthy of using SKTM because some of them have large houses. There were also those whose parents earn high income.

Purwadi also said that the survey result will be reported to Education Authorities of Central Java Province.

“Later it will be up to Provincial government. We are just like operator, we are only reporting,” he said.


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