Police arrested one family which suspected as terrorist on Sleman


Police raiding to the house of the suspects Police raiding to the house of the suspects - Police officers, disguised as thugs, captured one family in Bedingin Wetan, Sumberadi Village, Sleman District, Yogyakarta, on Wednesday, July 11th 2018. They also confiscated some items like swords, bow, knives, laptop and some books.

The family that was suspected to be terrorists is Saefulloh (45) from Tegal, his wife Sri Suhartati (42) and their children. They lived in a rented house owned by Pranomo, since February.

“They only stayed here for 5 months. Saefulloh sold martabak while his wife sold meatballs,” said the head of neighborhood association of Bedingin Wetan, Purnawirawan Sumarjono.

The capture was done in the rented house after one hour. There were 20 police officers dressed like thugs, coming inside with firearms.

“They all dressed like thugs. I was asked to witness it,” he said.

Pramono’s wife, Imah (40) said that she did not know Saefulloh well. She rarely saw him. Saefulloh’s neighbor, Ridwan Dwi Utomo (22) said that there were around 5 people coming to Saefulloh’s house at 9. When he tried to find out what happened, he was asked to mind his own business.

“They said that if I did not have any business I should go inside the house and not to get closer,” he said.


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