3 tops that will make you look slimmer


Illustration Illustration - Fat stomach sometimes make people feel unconfident, especially women. Many people try to hide it.

The kind of top that you are wearing actually matters. The right kind of top will disguise your fat stomach and still make you look stylish.

1.       Asymmetrical top

Asymmetrical top is often worn by people to hide fat stomach. This kind of top is also becoming popular recently. You can use it for casual wear.

2.       Vertical top

Other than asymmetrical top, vertical top is another kind of clothes that can help disguise your fat stomach. The vertical pattern hides the bulge.

3.       Poplum top

Peplum top is also liked by people, especially women, because it makes them look stylish and slim. The flare part of peplum will disguise fat stomach and make appearance more feminine.


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