A dog was electrocuted to death due to saving its master from being electrocuted


The Dog died while biting the electric wire The Dog died while biting the electric wire - There is a story about a dog that died after getting electrocuted to save his master. This sad story became viral in social media and was talked about by netizens.

This incident happened in a village near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. At that time, the master, Mokkusu (65) a farmer in the village was trying to help his cow, which was electrocuted.

In his attempt to save his cow, Mokkusu also got electrocuted. His dog quickly came to help his master. Alas, the dog, the cow and their owner could not let go from the high electricity. The three died, and the people who witnessed it reported the incident to the police.

After the incident there are still so many people who come to that place, only to see the place where a dog died trying to save his master and ended up dying with him.


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