Linkin Park rapper, Mike Shinoda will hold a concert into Southeast Asia countries


Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda - Singer and rapper, Mike Shinoda will visit Southeast Asia countries through his concert. However, the Linkin Park personnel will not come to Indonesia and only performs in Singapore and Bangkok in August.

Through a press release, Shinoda's concert promoter in Singapore, LAMC Productions announced that the concert is the part of the solo album tour of Post Traumatic and will be held at Zepp @ ??BigBox, Singapore, August 22nd, 2018.

Recently, Shinoda became the main performer at the IDENTITY LA music festival in Los Angeles and will also enliven a number of other music festivals in Japan, UK and South Korea. Shinoda called the concert tour as a step back to living a normal life after his friend and partner in Linkin Park, Chester Bennington died in July last year.

"I'm looking forward to re-releasing music and touring. These things are 'normal' to me, this is my professional life for years. And I know it will be different, so I'm excited to find out what's new from this" he said. This solo concert tour will be the first for Shinoda after 22 years working in the music world.

However, this tour is not the first solo project for him. Shinoda has started a solo project since 2005, on the sidelines of time with Linkin Park, by launching the album titled The Rising Tied under Fort Minor.

But he just started his solo project back 13 years later. He started over with a mini album titled Post Traumatic EP and released in January. That album at the same time can be seen as Shinoda attempt to treat the grief of Bennington's death.


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