South Korea will be playing North Korean movies in their film festival


Illustration Illustration - The Korean peninsula looks increasingly united. Recently, the organizers of a film festival in South Korea will air a number of films from North Korea. The organizers of Bucheon International Fantastic Films will be held in Seoul on July 12th announced it has received permission to show three long films and six short films from North Korea.

Among the three North Korean long films to be shown is the hit drama The Story of Our Home in the communist country in 2016 and tells the story of three orphan brothers trying to stay together.

Then Comrade Kim Goes Flying, a comedy-romantic movie released in 2012 about the struggle of women miners who want to become an acrobat.

Comrade Kim Goes Flying is a joint production between England, Belgium and North Korea. The film was aired at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Busan International Film Festival. Organizers of Bucheon International Fantastic Films have also said they are trying to invite some North Korean filmmakers, but are still awaiting official approval from the government.

North Korean film licensing in South Korea could be called a rarity given the relationship between the two countries since the 1950 Korean War ended and the end of the cease-fire in 1953.

Because the war does not end with a peace agreement, practically the two countries are still 'hostile' by both of their ideological to each culture. For more than five decades all forms of communication or cultural exchange between Koreans have been difficult.

AFP says that displaying cultural results or figures from North Korea to South Korean society requires special permission from a number of such state agencies, such as the Korean Ministry of Unification and South Korea Intelligence Agency.

Even having publications or the like made in North Korea can be classified as criminal under South Korea's anti-communist national security law.


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