This medicine can kill you in one breath


This medicine can kill you in one breath This medicine can kill you in one breath - Police officers have been told about a very powerful drug, so it can kill with just one breath. Attorney General Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Rod Rosenstein of Ohio issued the warning after an officer collapsed when he was cleaning his medicine from his shirt.

The drug is called fentanyl, which is an opioid drug. Officers from East Liverpool Police Department, Ohio, named Chris Green collapsed while cleaning the substance on his shirt after arresting of two drug dealers.

"He tried to clean that medicine fromhis shirt, he did not think long," Wright officer said as quoted by Iflscience.

Fortunately, when Green fainted, he was helped by another officer who later gave him naloxone, a drug that could block the effects of opioids.

Green was then taken to hospital.

"Fentanyl is 30-50 times more lethal than heroin. Just need two milligrams - or equivalent of a few grains of table salt. It can be deadly," says Rosenstein.

He added that the exposure of fentanyl could injure or kill innocent officers. Inhaling some airborne particles can be fatal and officers must face the danger every day.

In the future, the police should wear protective equipment including gloves, eye protection, and face masks when handling suspect packages.

Officers are also not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke in places where fentanyl is suspected to be present.



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