Eight benefits of pineapples that may you do not know


Eight benefits of pineapples that may you do not know Eight benefits of pineapples that may you do not know - Not only to refreshing, pineapple also serves to make soft meat hard. Bromelin enzyme that works for dissolves proteins, also helps the process to make the meat more tender. Pineapple turned out to have nutritional content and rich in vitamins. Pineapple is an antioxidant-producing fruit.

Vitamins A and C from pineapple are a source of antioxidants. Other nutrients in the pineapple include phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, thiamin, fiber, sodium, and fruit sugar (sucrose).

That's why pineapple is very good for consumption to maintain of your health. Curious what are the benefits that you can get from pineapple?

The following are the incredible benefits of our body health.

1. To increase of blood sugar

For those of you who have low sugar complaints, pineapple is one fruit that can overcome your complaints. Pineapple has a high sugar content. You can consume pineapple to increase your sugar levels.

2. To boost the immune system

The main source of antioxidants from pineapple fruit is vitamin C content. In addition, amino acids in pineapple also boost the immune system. Both substances are necessary for the body to repair cell damage caused by free radicals. Thus, your condition and stamina will remain fit.

3. To strengthening of bones

Pineapple can consumed to prevent of osteoporosis. The manganese mineral content of pineapple helps to strengthen of your bones. Manganese minerals content is also needed by the body to repair bone tissues. Therefore, protect your bone health by consuming regularly pineapple fruit.

4. To whiten of your teeth

Acid content in pineapple can help to maintain of your healthy teeth. These acids work to clean the dirt or plaque on the teeth. As a result the teeth will look more white and brilliant.

5. To prevent your body from hypertension

Want to keep blood pressure stable? Consumption of pineapple fruit is the solution. Pineapple contains high potassium and low sodium. Both of these contents play a role to stabilize of your blood pressure.

6. To maintain digestive health

Most of fruits and vegetables have a good function for digestion. Same with pineapple fruit, fiber from pineapple also helps the intestines to digest food well.

7. To prevent of macular degeneration

What is means of macular degeneration? Macular degeneration is the process of decreasing one's visual acuity. This condition usually occurs in people aged 60 years and over. Pineapple fruit containing of Beta Carotene helps to improve the health of your eyes.

8. Anti Inflammation

Two main substances in pineapple fruit that works effectively together to anticipate the emergence of inflammation in the body is the enzyme bromelin and proteolytic enzymes. Both of these substances reduce inflammation triggers cancer or tumors in the body. In addition, pineapple works to heal wounds quickly or swelling in the body.


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