A parent from Scottish looking for babysitter with high salary in a haunted house


A parent from Scottish looking for babysitter with high salary in a haunted house A parent from Scottish looking for babysitter with high salary in a haunted house - Looking for a job? There is a job vacancy as a babysitter with high paid that is 50 thousand pounds or about IDR 851 million for a year. But the condition is you have to live in the famous haunted house. Wanna try?

Through the Childcare site, a parents from Scottish, looking for a babysitters for her two children aged five and seven at the famous haunted home. They have a busy work that requires them to travel and stay outdoors to make this couple need a babysitter for both children.

They also advertise to find the best babysitter who can keep they children for five days and four nights, Monday to Friday, every week.

Babysitters will get salary of IDR 851 million a year and are given full facilities including large rooms with private kitchens. But they must stay in the house that he said haunted.

"We are looking for a great babysitter to join our friendly family of four in the Scottish borders. We live in a beautiful, spacious house with spectacular views. My husband and I are both professional and very busy to traveling frequently, " wrote the mother of two children in an advertisement that she posted on Childcare website.

The task of babysitter not only keep children at home but also prepare breakfast, school supplies, deliver and pick up schoolchildren, help them after school and accompany the child to sleep.

Thats way, you not only get a big salary but also get furlough for 28 days of the year.

When they bought it, they had been told that the house was haunted. But they already love the house because of the beautiful scenery.

They also have lived for about ten years in the haunted house but claimed to have never experienced a strange incident. However, unlike the babysitters who had worked in the house.

Five of their babysitters in a year, out from their work because they can not stay in that haunted house. Each of babysitter has a different supernatural experience.

"When we bought this house, we were told it was haunted, but with our open minds we still love. But five babysitters have gone on the excuse of having supernatural incidents such as hearing odd sounds, broken glass and moving furniture," he explained.

Both parents hope with give high salaries for their candidate of babysitter can get the right babysitter and survive in the long term.

"We really want to find a long term of babysitter. So if you want to consider this position, please contact us," he wrote again at the end of the ad.



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