Smart Speaker With AI Will Be Launched by Clova


Smart Speaker With AI Will Be Launched by Clova Smart Speaker With AI Will Be Launched by Clova - Clova, platform of artificial intelligence (AI) the hosts Line, began to be applied through Wave. What is the reason?

These questions try the proffered on CSMO Line Corporation Jun Masuda when interview sessions with media at his Office located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Friday (16/7). Jun ever answer why he chose Wave be the first Clova device. This is due to the Line want to focus on the vote. Because most users in Japan still focus on text messages.

"So we wanted to bring a new experience to users in Japan," said Jun. Other reasons, the adoption of smart AI with speakers in the community would be easier than using other devices.

"A smartspeaker can be placed in the home. So the people will more easily become accustomed. If start is used, then the Clova will start deep learning," he said.

Line pin this smartspeaker with Qualcommm APQ8009 Quad Core processor 1.3 GHz. and RAM 1 GB. With internal memory 8 GB, it also includes WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1. Line uses 5,000 mAh battery. To bring the sound woofer size, there are qualified 2.5 inch 20W. There are also two tweeter 1 inch sized 5W. There also attached 4 voice recognition installed around its body.

Like other smart speaker, Wave can chat about weather and news. We can ask for the music being played. Or may perform the tasks, such as creating personal reminders and memos.

Planned, Wave will be released officially on September 2017. The rates are pegged 15 thousand yen or approximately Rp. 1.8 million. 



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