Mercedes-Benz is Reportedly Developing Small Engine Car


Mercedes-Benz is Reportedly Developing Small Engine Car Mercedes-Benz is Reportedly Developing Small Engine Car - Germany origin car brand, Mercedes-Benz is reportedly developing a middle-small car's engine capacity, indeed beyond the habit of Mercedes-benz. If the smallest machine usually used on each car measuring 1,600 cc, Mercy now manufacturer headquartered in Stuttgart that reportedly will have engines 1.2 L and 1.4 L.

Despite carrying a small-capacity engines, Mercedes-Benz car is claimed to still be powered like the big-engined models.

"It's a global because that was developed with new technology, despite its cc is small but the outpower is great so it is more efficient in fuel consumption but more powerful," says Deputy Director of Sales Operation & Product Management Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, Kariyanto Hardjosoemarto in Kaum, Jakarta.

According to Karry , the car has yet to be decided for marketed in any region.

"But for the moment it has not been decided where to be sold because it is in the development phase," he explained.

Selling small-capacity engine could be one advantage for Mercedes-Benz. So, the car prices could be cheaper because no taxable sales over luxury goods (PPnBM).

"that’s right, so it does not cover the possibility of one day we launch here, because basicly what is marketed abroad as long it's right –steering, it could be marketed here," added Karry.



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