Sunday, Aug 16, 2020 | 05:06 am LT

Attack of Racism; Give Salute in the style of Nazis and Despicable Black Man, Married Wives Arrested

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 11:50 am LT

Viral Story of an old woman in Indramayu who almost died as a result of being wrapped around and sprayed by a cobra


Aug 08, 2020 | 10:57 am LT

MMA : Mixed Martial Arts in Russia

Jul 30, 2020 | 08:32 am LT

Contract At Bayern Will Run Out, Boateng is Seized

Jul 23, 2020 | 03:06 pm LT

The match between Inter Milan vs. Fiorentina ends in a draw

Jul 17, 2020 | 02:10 pm LT

Cannot Be Defeated Again, Madrid Holds LaLiga Champion Title

Jul 16, 2020 | 04:01 pm LT

Dakar Youth Olympics postponed by four years to 2026

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 10:55 am LT

Mark Zuckerberg has joined the world's most exclusive club of the ultra-rich.

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 10:45 am LT

Revealed! It turns out that this is the origin of the ammonium nitrate that caused the big explosion in Beirut


Aug 08, 2020 | 12:46 pm LT

Strengthening Food Reserves for the Covid-19 Spring Season, Secretary of Siak Video Conference with the Head of the Indonesian Food Security Agency

Aug 08, 2020 | 12:34 pm LT

13 Positive Cases of Covid-19 in Siak, 11 of them from the PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper, Tualang Cluster

Aug 07, 2020 | 04:05 pm LT

8 More Positive Covid-19 Cases in Siak Are Still From the PT Indah Kiat Pupl and Paper Tualang Cluster

Aug 07, 2020 | 03:55 pm LT

Women Empowerment Service Child Protection Population and Family Disaster Control Distributes 95 Aid Packages for Women and Children Affected by Covid-19 in Siak

Aug 06, 2020 | 03:13 pm LT

Holding Virtual Meetings with the Governor of Riau, Siak Regency Government Arranges Quick Handling Steps for Covid-19

Aug 08, 2020 | 11:48 am LT

Indragiri Hilir Regency Government Handed Over 4500 Land Certificates

Aug 06, 2020 | 03:27 pm LT

Regent of Indragiri Hilir as Speaker for the Webinar "Sawit Watch"

Aug 05, 2020 | 05:46 pm LT

The location of the landslide that occurred in Trench 7 and Trench 5 in Tembilahan Hulu

Aug 04, 2020 | 05:04 pm LT

Fauzar Officially Replaces Said Syarifuddin as Acting Regional Secretary of the Indragiri Hilir Regency

Aug 04, 2020 | 04:54 pm LT

Regent of Indragiri Hilir Released Prime Thousands Tons of Coconut Exports at Port of Trench 21

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 10:42 am LT

Severe! A Woman in South Tangerang is Raped After Waking Up Then Terrorized From Instagram

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 09:34 am LT

Dor! This Man's Intestine Explodes After Eating A Bowl Of Dumpling Soup

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 08:33 am LT

Chronology of Robbery Selling Money of IDR 170 Million in a Small Shop in Ciracas; 1.5-Year-Old Girl Had Been Become a Hostage

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 07:46 am LT

Do not Want to Take Too Late, Philippine Capital Lockdown Again Because Corona

Tour de Siak 2019

Nov 03, 2018 | 09:53 am LT

2018 Tour de Singkarak will go on the distance of 1,267 Km and will be started today

Sep 15, 2018 | 09:50 am LT

The Head of Riau Tourism Office encourage the Siak Regency Tourism Office to promote The Tour De Siak 2018 through social media

Sep 08, 2018 | 10:56 am LT

The Tour De Siak 2018 event will held on September 2018

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 07:16 am LT

Alert! Just Because Of This Building Material, A Young Girl From England Has A Terrible Rare Cancer

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 06:45 am LT

Rebuked by Mother For Never Going Out at Night, This Student Stabbed His Mother

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 05:26 am LT

Can't Eat Meat? Here Are 10 Sources of Vegetable Protein That Can Be Good For You To Take

Sunday, Aug 09, 2020 | 05:25 am LT

Still 24 Years Old, This Indian Citizen Killed Falls From the 6th Floor