New oreo brows trend is going viral in Instagram


Illustration Illustration - A variety of eyebrow trends have developed in recent years. Now, there are more new eyebrows that are trending on Instagram. There is a strange but viral Oreo eyebrow. Yes, eyebrows are made similar to the layer of Oreo cookies. This challenge has started on Instagram with Oreo Brows hashtags.

Above the original eyebrows that have been thickened with pencil with a white eyeshadow or eyeliner. Then the upper part of the artificial eyebrow is drawn again. As a result, the eyebrow shape is similar to the Oreo layer. The Oreo eyebrow challenge is trending on Instagram and followed by a number of netizens.

Previously there were a number of eyebrow challenges that had become a trend in 2017. Like the shape of the McDonalds logo eyebrows, lightning eyebrows that look similar to fishtail. Various forms of strange eyebrows were became trend on Instagram in 2017 ago. Will the trend of strange eyebrows re-enliven the beauty trend on Instagram?


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