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Data from WHO stated that almost 600,000 kids died due to air pollution every year


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News24xx.com - Air pollution is no longer the problem of one or two countries, but now it is a problem for almost various countries in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions that around 93 percent or 1.8 million children under 15 years breathe polluted air, and each year an estimated 600 thousand of them die from acute respiratory infections caused by air pollution.

"Air pollution poisons millions of children and destroys their lives. This cannot be forgiven. Every child has the right to breathe with fresh and clean air so that they can grow up and develop their potentia" Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director general, said in an official statement.

Children breathe faster so that it is more vulnarble for them to absorb the effects of air pollution. Air pollution can cause a decline in intelligence to obesity, ear infections, child cancer, asthma, weakened lung function, pneumonia, and certain types of respiratory infections I.

Dr Maria Neira, head of environmental health determinants, said the alarming main findings of air pollution can cause premature births, as well as diseases carried into adulthood, should lead to global policy change.

"The important thing is this neuro-development problem. Imagine our children will have a low cognitive IQ. We are talking about putting the risk of a new generation having a decrease in IQ. This is not only new but also very shocking" she said.





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