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Four killers that being the deadliest serial killer of all time that you must know


Dorothea Puente Dorothea Puente

News24xx.com - Brutal murderers are all over the headlines, but you've never heard of these serial killers -- and you're probably better off that way. Because they were being the deadliest serial killer of all time.

And these are four killers that being the deadliest serial killer of all time that you must know :

1. Pedro Lopez
In 1980, Pedro Lopez killed 53 young girls. Committing his crimes in Peru, Ecuador, and his native Colombia, Lopez was known as “The Monster Of The Andes.” 

He claimed that he killed up to three girls a week and that police could expect to find 300 total victims, maybe more.

Lopez claims he was first captured by civilians in Peru whereupon an American missionary set him free.

He was finally apprehended by police in Ecuador in 1979. However, due to Ecuador’s prison term limits, Lopez served just 20 years before being released in secret into Colombia in 1998. His whereabouts remain unknown.

2. Luis Alfredo Garavito
Luis Alfredo Garavito, became the deadliest serial killer of all time, preyed on young Colombian boys in the 1980s and 1990s. When finally tried in 1999, he confessed to killing 140 children, while some estimates place his total number of victims at more than 300.

Garavito was sentenced to just 40 years, which was further reduced to 22 after plea deals and rewards for good behavior.

Upon release, Garavito plans to run for political office and start a program to help abused children. He is an expert, after all.


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3. Dorothea Puente
Dorothea Puente, a Sacramento landlady known as The Boardinghouse Killer, would identify social outcasts and undesirables like the elderly, the disabled, and the alcoholic. 

Then, after murdering them, she would cash their government checks.

Puente made over $87,000 this way, and using the money to buy herself before being arrested in 1988. 

Authorities found seven bodies in her backyard, ultimately convicting her in two of the cases. She jailed for 18 years before dying in 2011.

4. Andrew Kehoe
In 1927, Andrew Kehoe was distraught over his wife’s long, expensive battle with tuberculosis. At the same time, he lost in the town clerk election and his farm faced foreclosure largely because of property taxes levied to repay bonds for the local school. He then sought revenge.

On the morning of May 18, Kehoe blew up his house, his barn and the enclosed corpse of his wife, who he had recently murdered. 

Almost simultaneously, he detonated 500 pounds of explosives he’d spent months placing underneath the Bath Consolidated School.

Just after, he drove to the school and detonated his shrapnel-filled truck, killing himself and several others. With 45 dead and at least 58 injured all at once, Kehoe isn’t technically a serial killer, but this is still the worst school massacre in American history.





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