The sister of Emiliano Sala begged rescuers not to call off the search, this is the reason


Emiliano Sala Emiliano Sala -  The search of Emiliano Sala, a footballer who missing when he was on his way back to Wales after saying goodbye to his Nantes team-mates having signed a reported £15 million three-and-a-half-year deal to join the Bluebirds.

The Premier League player aged 28 years old and pilot David Ibbotson, 60, were travelling on a light aircraft from Nantes in France to Cardiff on Monday evening when it vanished over the English Channel.

Shortly before the plane vanished he sent WhatsApp voice messages to his friends saying that he felt scared. 

And he could be heard saying: ‘Hey guys, how is it going? I am really tired now. I was over in Nantes sorting things out, doing this, doing that. I am now aboard a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces. I’m going to Cardiff now, and tomorrow we get going. If you do not have any more news from me in an hour and a half, I don’t know if they need to send someone to find me. I am getting scared!"

Guernsey Police has spent most of the week looking for the pair, and rescue teams have scanned around 1,700 square miles and examined mobile phone data and satellite imagery but had not found any trace of the plane. But they said the chances Sala and Mr Ibbotson had survived were extremely small.

The sister of Emiliano Sala has said she believes he is still alive and begged rescuers not to call off the search. 

Romina Sala travelled to the UK today to meet with Cardiff City FC officials only for the search to be brought to a close at 3.15pm. 

Romina issued a heartfelt plea to resume looking. She said, "We understand the facts and we really appreciate the efforts. We want to say thanks to the two clubs (Cardiff City and Nantes FC) and everyone who is looking for Emiliano, but my message is please, please, please don’t stop with the search. For me, they are still alive."

More than 24 hours of continuous searching, with 80 hours combined flying time across three planes and five helicopters. Two lifeboats were also involved and help was provided by passing ships and fishing boats.






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