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Study said the color of the sea will change in the future due to global warming


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News24xx.com - Recent studies show that the ocean will not have the same color as it has now in the future. This is an early sign that global warming is significantly changing the ecosystem of planet Earth. This color change is known by researchers by making Earth models that run simulations on the growth of small creatures that live in the ocean and affect their color changes.

The research itself was published in the journal Nature Communications. The sea looks blue or green in our eyes because of the combination of the sun's interaction with the molecules in the water and with anything below the surface. The molecule in the water absorbs the entire color spectrum of the Sun, except blue, and the water only reflects back the blue color.


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The story will be different when in water contains more phytoplankton, microscopic organisms that can use chlorophyll to capture almost all the blue colors of the color spectrum produced by the Sun. The growth of the creature depends on how much sunlight, carbon dioxide, and nutrients around it. Climate change is changing the current condition of the sea, which means that it will result in fewer nutrients for phytoplankton so that the number will decline in a number of regions.

This study predicts that the blue color will be lighter in the subtropical region following a reduction in phytoplankton populations. The waters near Bermuda and the Bahamas are said to have relatively little phytoplankton population, whereas the Antarctic Ocean and north of the Atlantic Ocean will experience rapid growth of phytoplankton. This causes the color of the waters to appear greener.




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