For millennial generation, this is Jack Ma’s advice for those who are often changing jobs


Jack Ma Jack Ma - Jack Ma revealed tips for millennials who were just starting to work while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week. The man from China also suggested that they look for a good job from the beginning of their career. Moreover, according to him the first job is the most important.

"You should find a good boss who can teach you to be a human being, how to do things well, how to do things properly. And stay there. Give yourself a promise: I will last for three years" said Jack Ma.The 54-year-old man emphasized that the small size or prestige of a company is not too important. What is important is how the young people can learn and develop in the company.

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Jack Ma himself lasted six years in his first job as an English lecturer at the university. Previously, the graduate of a Hangzhou teaching institute had promised the president of the university to stay for some time and keep that promise even though many attractive offers came.

Jack Ma also revealed how he learned to be a good teacher to communicate with students. This what makes him calm. Six years later, Jack Ma left and started his own business, Alibaba. Last year his company was worth USD 420 million despite claiming to step down from the executive chairman in 2019.

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