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How festive the Mempura TOGA village in Siak


Mempura TOGA village Mempura TOGA village

News24xx.com - SIAK - In the past few days, women and communities of Kampung Tengah (Central Village), Mempura Sub-district, have been busy improving the beauty of their historic area.

As a result the atmosphere becomes more festive, the main streets of the village became cleaner and more alive because they are decorated with colorful umbrellas. The green scenery of ornamental plants and family medicinal plants (Tanaman Obat keluarGA - TOGA) also adds to the natural beauty.

"It is not a simple job, of course, considering that the main actor on this activity is women who have their respective activities as housewives" said Maisaroh at Mempura, on Tuesday, April 4th 2019.

Maisaroh, one of the residents appointed as Toga ambassador, said that the plants planted along the Kampung Tengah road are lemongrass and others.

Then he continued, there were also rosella plants and fish ponds and tourist bikes that were deliberately provided for visitors who wanted to go around the area, provided in addition the traditional games such as engrang and gasing which are provided by residents.

"TOGA themselves besides being beneficial for health, it is expected that economically it can also generate additional income for us" she explained.

Maisaroh was not alone, she and her friends are assisted by Dr. Handry Head of the Mempura Health Center, together with the District PKK, and the Mempura PPL.

Handry said, this year, Kampung Tengah represents the Mempura District in the Siak Regency TOGA competition. The activity of the competition is a routine health service activity to foster sub-districts throughout Siak Regency.

"The goal is not only to take part in the competition and win the title, but also to make the residence in Kampung Tengah can get traditional treatment easily" explained Handry.

The young doctor explained, from the types of toga plants which numbered approximately 110 types of TOGA are very beneficial for humans. In terms of efficacy and avoid chemical exposure, and also cheap.

"In every house here, we have planted one TOGA, and the plants are rosella and there are also processed insulin plants themselves" he said.

To be more interesting, he continued, the TOGA garden and the location of the assessment site are decorated so that visitors could take pictures with medicinal plants, while being able to taste the processed products from the TOGA.

The Assessment Team from the Siak District Health Office chaired by drg. Hj Sumiati hopes that there will be land provided as a plant icon in each sub-district, which can be sold on the spot. As an organic plant and fruit orchard that can be enjoyed directly by visitors.

In terms of tourism can be highlighted such as TOGA garden tours, healthy shops by displaying their products in the form of herbs or massage services. So that tourists from Siak (across) can take a boat to Kampung Tengah.

"With the presence of TOGA plants in the home yard it can be beneficial in terms of health and economically this plant can generate additional income for the community" he said.

He hopes that through this competition, more people will be encouraged to socialize the use of TOGA results through efforts to plant, process, utilize and market TOGA products. So that it has a real positive impact on society.



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