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Revealed, banana peel and watermelon turns nutritious and can be eaten


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News24xx.com - Apparently, the banana peels and watermelons are safe for consumption. Because both of these fruit skins contain healthy nutrients.

As reported from Kompas, the following four fruits are better eaten with the skin:

1. Banana
If cleaned with properly, banana peels can be consumed with the skin. One banana contains with 422 milligrams of potassium and the skin contains an additional 78 milligrams. But do not forget to wash the banana clean to remove bacteria and dust that sticks.

2. Kiwi
According to California Kiwi Commission research, eating kiwi with its skin increases 30% of the fiber content. In addition, kiwi skin also contains vitamin E, folate, and polyphenols which provide antioxidant effects.

3. Orange
The use of orange peel as a zest to add to the aroma of cuisine may be common done. However, consuming orange skin as a whole is not so preferred because the taste tends to be bitter. But, if you process it correctly, the orange peel will taste delicious.

4. Watermelon
This fruit that rich in water content is indeed very famous for its freshness. In addition to providing hydration for the body, watermelons also contain with lycopene, potassium and vitamin A. 

If you eat watermelons with their skin, the nutrients obtained will be even more complete. The white and green parts of the watermelon contain the amino acid Citrulline. According to the Watermelon Board, watermelon peels can be consumed.






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