Million of Brazilians took the street to protest the new policy of the government ahead of the opening Copa America 2019


Illustration Illustration - Demonstrations against President Jair Bolsonaro's policy to cut education and pension funds crippled public transportation in several cities in Brazil ahead of the opening of the Copa America on Friday, June 14th 2019. Tens of thousands of demonstrators consisting of trade unions, students, teachers, and professors took to the streets throughout the country, especially the big cities of Brazil to voice their opinion.

“The government issued a terrible policy”, said one of the protesters in Rio de Janeiro. “They try to do something similar to what Pinochet did in Chile" said one demonstrator Zacarias Gama.

Vania Santos, one of the protesters, said the current Brazilian government ‘wants to destroy everything that has been built’. "So that's why I support the demonstration and I fight against social inequality," Vania said.

AFP reported, one of the Brazilian trade unions even claimed 45 million of its members join the demonstration that spread in almost 200 cities. Public transport operations in 100 cities were crippled that day. Some of the main subway lines in Sao Paolo are reported to be crippled a few hours before the Copa America's first match at the Morumbi stadium was held.

Police reportedly mobilized snipers to increase the security during the Latin American inter-state soccer competition. Meanwhile, the demonstration which took place in Rio de Janeiro went chaotic. Riot police were forced to fire tear gas at thousands of demonstrators in the centre of the city.

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