A man died at the hands of his own pet python


Jana Jana -  A 42-year old man, identified as Jana, died tragically last Friday at the hands of his own 3-meter-long pet python,

That snake strangled him to death in his backyard in Citiru village, Kutawaringin district, Bandung regency, West Java. 

Jana’s wife, Elah, said her husband have been strangled to death by the 17-kilogram snake as he was bathing the reptile.

“The snake is around 3 m long,” she said on Sunday, as quoted by

A local leader, Rukiman, said separately that the snake has escaped from the house through a pipe after killing its owner. 

However, local residents managed to capture it not long after learning of the incident.

The python was then slaughtered and buried next by Jana’s grave. 





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