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Ministry of finance held Mofest 2019 in Pekanbaru, Riau


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News24xx.com - Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance held an event titled Ministry of Finance Festival (MOFEST) 2019 in Pekanbaru. This event was meant to encourage the millennial generation to participate and get involved in the topic of economy and financial managing.

 “We initiate an activity that can help young generation prepare, develop and give aspirations to the government, in this case, the Ministry of Finance,” said the Head of Public Education Subdivision of Communication and Information Service Bureau of Finance Ministry, Rezha Sahhilny Amran, on Thursday, July 4th 2019.

Rezha said that this event was part of the steps to realize what is called “Golden Indonesia 2045”. Many surveys predict that in 2045, Indonesia will become one of the countries with the biggest economy.

There were around 200 people who attended the event, which consisted of college students and general civilians. They all looked enthusiastic.

They prepared a lot of events, such as Mofest Conference, Mofest Talks, Mofest Coaching Clinic, and Mofest Expo. For the Mofest Talk, they invited Sabrina Anggraini, the finalist of Miss Indonesia 2019 representing Riau Province, the co-founder of Kultara and young economist Dwi Anggi Novianti.



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