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Head of Tempuling sector police gives warns to fishers and hunters about the danger of cigarette


Illustration Illustration -  The Head of Tempuling Sector Police, Police Adjunct Commissioner Subagja, led the patrol for land and forest fires in the area of of Tempuling District, Inhil Regency, on Tuesday, July 23rd. This joint patrol also included 2 personnel from Indonesian National Army (TNI) and Military Rayon Command (Koramil) 03 Kempas.

Subagja said that this patrol was done to also warn the civilians to be careful of the fires, not to light anything on fire in the forest, land or plantation. They also told them about the danger that can be caused by the fire and the punishment that awaits anyone who caused the fire.

In addition, Subagja also told the fishers and the bird hunters who work in and near the forests not to throw away cigarette carelessly, especially a cigarette that is still lit.

“Right now is drought season, the weather is hot, so it is very prone to fire,” he said.





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